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Grief Empowerment Coaching

Grief empowerment coaching is a type of coaching that helps individuals who are experiencing grief to navigate through their emotions and find ways to empower themselves through the grieving process. This type of coaching can be helpful for individuals who are experiencing a major life change that has caused significant grief, like the death of a loved one.

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Empowering Grief through Coaching

Tammy has created a 9-week program to provide clients with consistent and ongoing support as they navigate the different stages of grief. Her focus on providing a safe and supportive environment can help clients feel comfortable expressing their emotions and working through their grief. Developing coping strategies and self-care practices are very helpful for managing the emotional and physical symptoms of grief, which can be overwhelming and exhausting. By helping clients find their own unique path to healing, Tammy can empower them to take control of their grief and move forward in a positive and healthy way.


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Meet Tammy!

Tammy is a Grief Empowerment Coach, using compassion, experience, and intuition to assist others to work through their grief. She teaches the holistic tools she used to move thru her grief and to realize it is ok to have joy in life again. Tools like crystals, sound healing, aromatherapy, connecting with spirit and more. She has an authentic passion to see people reach their fullest potential and live their best life.

Tammy survived many life challenges and losses in her life, the most difficult being the loss of her youngest son, Joshua. To learn more about her journey, click below.

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If you are ready to heal from your loss? If the answer is yes, check out my Grief Empowerment Coaching Program I created to assist you in healing from your loss.

Card Readings

I use both Angel Tarot and Oracle cards, connect with the angels and guides when reading for you. To learn more, click below.

Essential Oils

Essential oils helped me when I was grieving to lift my spirts, restful sleep and more. I continue to use them daily for a multitude of things. Check my link below to learn more.


I love to teach and share my knowledge. The courses available are about Angels & Astrology, crystals and essential oils.


"The 9 card reading that I got from Tammy was spot on to what I've been experiencing this last week and beyond. It confirmed to me to continue on the path that I've been traveling and to trust where I'm going. It was an absolute pleasure to have had this reading and experience with her. She was very professional and made me feel at ease."

Jo Ellen G

"Wow she was spot on. It’s the messages I keep hearing so it feels good to confirm the good feelings I have about my future. I would definitely recommend!"

Beatriz Romero

From Sorrow to Strength

Empowering grief though coaching....

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